Do you need any more reasons?

Hello again, my little home! I did missed you way too much. Nothing felt like you really and I think nothing will ever bring the comfort and the joy you are able to bring to me.

This is my little secret place where my name doesn’t matter. This is my secret place where stats aren’t great and I don’t really care about it. This is my little selfish place where I can love and write and complain and hate and adore and be crazy in love with life at 2 am.

Honestly I did hoped at some point this will be a big big thing for me but I think I am glad it isn’t. It’s just for me and my messy thoughts and some lost people clicking by mistake.

I was thinking tonight what I am waiting for to write here. I have all the freedomand intimicy in the world which is kinda ironic because I am sharing all my life on the Internet but nobody really cares about it and that’s the magic trick.

I don’t need any more reasons to start writing again here so here I am at 22 writing all my feelings away on some white screen who used to hold my darkest secrets and all my tears in my most vulnerable years.

In 15 of March I am turning 23 years old and I feel very old but in the same time just a baby so I am here again to write it all. Hope you can stick with me in my messy mind.

Yours truly, (not) Andreea

Writing was always my mind and maybe I suck big time at it but here I am trying again. So I don’t need any more reasons to live my life the way I want it and maybe you don’t need any more reasons to start your dream.

dream for you.

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